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Cork has broken through as one of the frontrunners in the green flooring revolution. Likely the most popular "eco-friendly" flooring option available in mass distribution, cork does not offer what its main competitor hard wood does – eco-guilt. Hardwood flooring comes from cutting down entire trees to for the lumber which is used to make your flooring. In this case, the tree dies as a result.

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On the other hand, cork trees do not need to be felled for their cork. The material which is used to make cork flooring comes from the bark of the tree, not the interior or core of the tree itself. So, when extracted properly, cork trees continue to live and convert harmful CO2 emissions back into breathable O2, while at the same time proving us with stunning flooring.

Another important environmental consideration is that many companies who sell cork flooring make about 15%, or more, of their products out of recycled corks. Recycled cork actually comes from wine corks in most cases. This means that not only are you allowing more trees to help balance CO2 outputs, but you are keeping millions of corks from sitting in a landfill.

As for the aesthetic advantages of cork flooring, there’s no contest. Cork in its natural form offers a unique and special flooring look. If the consumer finds this look to be too "rustic" or outdoorsy, then there are many other options. Cork floors can be beautifully stained as hard wood can. This means that your floor is not going to look like it’s made out of wine corks. Rather, it can appear smooth and dark, or intricately patterned and light.

While I could talk through my teeth about the amazing visual performance of cork as flooring, it is best to see for yourself. If you click here it will take you to a product gallery filled with a multitude of stunning cork floor photos.

"The utilitarian benefits of cork are as notable as its environmental ones."

Cork has a remarkable capacity to reflect the indoor temperature. That is, in the winter time your heating will be absorbed into the cork making it comfortably warm to the touch. Likewise, in the summer your air-conditioning will cool the cork making it refreshing to the touch. This is a feature unique to the insulative and absorptive properties of cork. Another result of this feature is that it may cut your heating and A/C bills by a noticeable degree.

Furthermore, since cork is basically impermeable, which is why it is used to "cork" liquids, when you or your kids spill juice all over the floor, you don’t have to worry so much about staining. This is not true for most hardwood and carpet floors which tend to retain foreign liquids and matter.

Cork is also more forgiving on a baby stumbling onto their side or grandpa walking with his flat feet. This is because cork possesses more give-and-take than most other flooring materials, while at the same timing providing a supportive surface.

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